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Welcome to THE HIPPO WITHIN, a blog about all things food.

The idea for this blog developed while adjusting to life after moving from SoCal to the Bay Area. While it may not seem that far of a move, it was hard not knowing where to find good food, especially when it’s good food that provides a sense of comfort and belonging that only home can offer.

As I started to explore the areas and restaurants around me, I became more familiar with what would become my new home. Join me as as I share about my experiences eating in and out of the Bay.

The great food I’ve tried over the years also motivates me to try and recreate some of that same yumminess in my own test kitchen. Partner with me as I put a spin on both new and old recipes, including gluten-free options that pump up the healthy without diminishing the flavor or taste!

I hope this blog will encourage you to explore the deliciousness that our world has to offer, and would love for you to share your top picks with me too! Leave me your recs, recipes, and comments on the contact page. You can also reach me for collaborations there!

Here’s to feeding THE HIPPO WITHIN me, one bite at a time!